No Escape: Game Edition! [v0.27.1] By Scriptor


Scriptor Games released a new game called No Escape: Game Edition! and the version is 0.27.1. The game’s story is about story follows Kathleen, a down-on-her-luck girl trapped on the same prison ship featured in the comic No escape! Tossed inside one of the VR pods the story seems over before it has even started… Until she suddenly gets help from a mysterious benefactor! Now Kathleens being forced to dive into all sorts of smutty and rubbery simulations in an effort to escape her predicament! But beware, these simulations are designed to turn even the most willful girls into submissive rubber pets…

Can you help Kathleen navigate the dangers of the simulations, or will you make her fall prey to all sorts of kinky bad ends? Either way if you like latex, rubber, heavy bondage, dollifcation, non-con (and con) perils and/or rubbery transformations then this is the game for you!​

Developer: Scriptor
File Size: 2.03 GB
Version: 0.27.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:



  • Added 650+ images to the game (dear lord), bringing the total to about +/- 3500 now! ^^
  • Added some more story progression: A short scene between Kathleen and Jack, together with a certain “problematic” event that leads Kathleen into the below VR-world!

Thornvine estate:

  • Added the first in-between VR world: Thornvine Estate! Meant as a smaller more “one-shot” type of thing compared to the “big” VR-worlds (like cybercity and the Desert), it takes place in a certain Victorian-era estate from which a very haughty woman hails from… Rubber maids abound! >:3
  • Added the intro sequence to the above VR-world: In comparison to the other VR-worlds, this one also plays much more linear, and also doesn’t have a “hub area” for the player to return to. Instead the VR-world will split into “combat” and “serving” paths, the combat path being the one implemented in this update (the serving path being implemented in V0.27.1).
  • Added about ~70% of the combat path: It goes all the way to the first room of the Primrose “hide-and-seek” mini-game. There are some place holders here and there (mainly the traps), but these will be added shortly (together with the last bit of the combat path) in the coming 2-4 weeks. ^^
  • Added a mini-boss to Thornvine Estate: One of Rose’s sisters called Primrose! A bubbly and worry-free girl, she could actually be described as a pleasant person to deal with, were it not for her insane libido and “extra thing” she’s carrying underneath her skirt. Be sure to try and avoid her if you don’t want to end up as her new “Fuckpillow Princess”!
  • Added a fail-state for the above mini-boss: It revolves around bimbofication, futa and amputee; with Kathleen being turned into a literal fuck-pillow for Primrose to use! (Although the amputee stuff is without any gore, and the lack of limbs is being explained in-game by portal rings.) An option to skip this fail-state is provided before it plays (for those who really dislike such content). Comes in both Con and not-so-Con flavors!
  • Added the Slave maid regular enemy to Thornvine Estate! Prowling the hallways of the Estate, these rubber clad dolls would love nothing more than to capture Kathleen for their Mistress… Which leads into the playable fail-state described below!
  • Added the following custom spritework, graciously provided by Tonkatsu!: The Slave maid sprites; both Violet and Primrose’s versions.
  • Added the following self-made custom spritework: The Violet Blackmond sprites and some minor miscellaneous sprites.



  • Added 350+ new images to the game!
  • Added the boss of the cybercity VR-world! You can find her inside the depths of the factory… And as with the boss in tomb VR-world there will be 3 ways to get past her, with the first one being implemented in this update (see the header “test subject side-quest” down below)!
  • Added two new fail-states into the game! Both connected to the side-quest mentioned in header below; maxxing out either S.O.P.H.I.A.’s anger or interest will result in an unescapable bad end! :0
  • Added the first two “full 3D” animations to the game! A short struggle animation seeing either an angry or happy Kathleen struggling away in her test subject outfit! Plan is to add more of these small animations into the game going forward; although they’ll stay rare/infrequent. ;3
  • Test subject side-quest:
  • -Added the entire boss’s side-quest! In this side-quest Kathleen will be “serving” the cybercity VR-world’s boss a test subject for 3 days, in the hopes of garnering enough goodwill to let Kathleen be on her way! Being the first of three (planned) ways to get past the cybercity boss, this one revolves around submitting one-self to the whims of the malevolent “Divine mistress”!
  • Added two new fail-states into the game! Both connected to the side-quest mentioned in the previous point; maxxing out either S.O.P.H.I.A.’s anger or interest will result in an unescapable bad end! :0
  • Added the second part of the factory; the R&D wing! It’s the place were the test subject events will play out. It’s an hub-area much like the inner sanctum inside the pyramid, so a place to mingle with your fellow test subjects in between all that testing! ^^
  • – Added kinky night events for the nights spend as a test subject! As with the boss’s side-quest inside the pyramid; Kathleen will be spending the nights inside the R&D wing in some quite interesting places/positions…
  • Added the first day’s task of the test subject side-quest; navigating a kinky rubbery maze whilst under the influence of “experimental chemicals”! Just be sure to avoid any kinky traps and keep that lust meter under control, you’ll be fine… Probably. >;3
  • Added the second day’s task of the test subject side-quest; arena combat against two other test subjects! Be sure to talk to them beforehand; as not all battles have to be won with force… (or don’’ and beat their asses, I’m not the boss of you. Divine mistress is. )
  • Added the third day’s task of the test subject side-quest; finding the hacker amidst the test subjects! There have been some signs of a test subject trying to escape, and the boss wants Kathleen to investigate who it is…
  • Added new self-made spritework for the above locations and events: Rubber outfits for the test subjects, rubber padded tiles, S.O.P.H.I.A. sprite(s), gooped test subjects and some other minor things (gooped flooring, wall decals etc.)
  • Corrected a metric shit-ton of typo’s and grammar issues. Shout-out to DeviantRPGStuff for being so thorough! ^^
  • Fixed a bug at the bridge area inside the cybercity factory; when giving the wrong answer the text inside the answer box didn’t reset; causing a soft-lock for some.
  • Fixed a bug in the nexus hub; removed an (unintended) invisible blocker on a walkable tile.
  • Added some subtle environmental lightning to the interiors of the desert world’s camp tents.
  • Added new back ground music for the RND section of the factory; made by of Mistress Lu! ^^
  • Fixed the linux build of No escape, making it work natively for Linux machines again, instead of users having to resort to Windows emulators like Wine for making it work. It turned out that waaaay back (during ~V0.17.1) I accidentally replaced the nw.js of Linux with the Windows one during the update of the nw.js; causing the Linux builds to have windows runtime packages, and not the native Linux ones. How this has been flying under the radar for so long I’ve got no idea, but going forward the Linux versions of No escape will once again be usable for Linux machines without having to use Windows emulators (like Wine). Important to note with this is that you’ll still have to manually flag all executables within the folder as executables!
  • Changed the persistent save system a bit and made it “force” a save of the persistent data every time a persistent switch is set. There have been reports of persistent switches not triggering properly and thus stuff not unlocking in the recall rooms when it’s supposed to, so hopefully this will fix those issues…

Developer Notes:

It’s been 2 1/2 months since my last post and boy has ol’ Scriptor been BUSY. Instead of making No escape 2! a comic I decided to make a fully fledged game set in its universe… And I’m finally confident enough to share with you the game thus far.

Game Images & Screenshots



Extras: Quick Start Save

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