Mystery Mail? The Director’s Dirty Little Secret!! [v1.00] By kosya


kosya Games released a new game called Mystery Mail? The Director’s Dirty Little Secret!! and the version is 1.00. The game’s story is about You’re in the middle of possibly the most tedious meeting of your life when you receive a strange email. Seems like you know something the hot department director doesn’t! Wanna try it out, little corporate slave? Use the app to show her what it’s all about! Whether you get to go home early or not is up to you!​

Developer: kosya
File Size: 71.4 MB
Version: 1.00
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:

Tap the mail icon to open the app on your tablet and use it to control the director’s toys.
(You could also delete the email and simply proceed with the meeting, but why would you do that?!) Underneath her icon, you’ll find the customization menu. Dress her up however you like and have fun! To change languages, hit the ESC key or click the Settings icon in the top right. While the menu is open, the game will pause. Depending on how she’s feeling, the director’s expression will change. Everything is animated in smooth, sexy Live2D!

Game Images & Screenshots


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