I’m Goona Be My Buddy’s Strict Mama’s Partner [v1.00] By Hoi Hoi Hoi


Hoi Hoi Hoi Games released a new game called I’m Goona Be My Buddy’s Strict Mama’s Partner and the version is 1.00. The game’s story is about Akito and his next-door neighbor, Fuyuki are both from fatherless families and become best friends. One day, Fuyuki’s mother, Mio finds them playing a hentai game. Mio thinks that Fuyuki must be influenced by Akito in a bad way, so she makes a decision. She doesn’t let her son play with Akito anymore. Fuyuki certainly seems to be forced to study in his room. So Akito also decides that he will definitely free his buddy from his mother.

Developer: Hoi Hoi Hoi
File Size: 563.6 MB
Version: 1.00
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Images & Screenshots


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