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Softscale Games released a new game called FarmD and the version is 1.5.3. The game’s story is about FarmD is a furry sex sandbox game, focused on engaging in lewd acts with your four-legged dragon friend. The game is still early in development, and will be expanded to support additional species for the player and partner, larger world environments, anthro partners, and more! The game supports both VR and desktop (non-VR) play styles, with VR being the focus but most content is accessible in either mode.

Developer: Softscale
File Size: 1.21 GB
Version: 1.5.3
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • The partner’s cock no longer automatically unsheaths when entering the facesitting or partner-on-top riding positions, since there is no need for it.
  • Increased the jump height slightly so you can free yourself from the stalls in the stable if you end up inside one. (for real this time)
  • Ambient audio no longer plays during the initial startup of the game, before the profile is loaded and audio settings are applied.
  • Footstep audio now plays when landing from a fall/jump, strafing, and when walking on the cliff rocks.
  • Tweaked some fluid render settings to look a little nicer.
  • Cleaned up a few more unused files that were taking up space in the build.


  • Fixed an agent navigation issue that was allowing your partner to be able to walk through the walls in the stable in some scenarios.
  • Fixed a bug where some flags were not getting reset when changing species, which could cause the game to think a character incorrectly had a cock or pussy after changing to a species that didn’t.
  • Fixed some scenarios where a character’s breast size was getting set or reset incorrectly, such as when changing between save files or changing body types.
  • Fixed some minor single-frame glitching with the partner’s head during some animation transitions.
  • Fixed the title screen and play-mode prompt not appearing correctly, if the VR option “Mirror to Desktop” had previously been disabled.
  • Fixed some issues that could occur when riding on a saddle while your partner is in Follow mode.
  • Fixed lighting settings not being applied on the title screen, causing it to be too bright.
  • Fixed some minor texture errors on the female fox.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the “Always show on startup” checkbox on the initial prompt was not properly being saved to the profile and would be reverted for the next play session.
  • The player model now correctly has the default skin applied when launching the game with no save files.
  • Fixed belly bulges which got broken in 1.4.5.
  • Fixed some visible seams showing up slightly on partner’s cock.
  • Fixed some minor material/texture issues with parts of the farmhouse exterior and walls.


  • Fixed some odd animation transitions that could occur with the player when receiving a facial in the Servicing position.
  • Fixed some animation issues in the player-on-top Servicing and player-on-top Missionary positions, where climaxing and pulling out after vaginal / male-slit penetration would result in the partner’s hips being oriented incorrectly.
  • Fixed an animation issue in the player-on-top Riding position that was causing the partner to thrust their hips when they should be sitting passively.
  • Fixed an animation issue in the player-on-top Riding position that caused the player’s spine to get scrunched at faster speeds.


  • Added support for a command-line parameter -launchvr, which will launch directly into VR mode regardless of saved play mode settings. This also allows the Steam launch option for VR mode to work properly, when selected from the main library or through the SteamVR library window.


  • The camera and screen now appear closer to you when spawned.


  • The VR keyboard is now correctly deactivated if the menu tablet is closed while the keyboard is active.
  • Fixed a bug where the VR keyboard would no longer work properly for editing input fields, after having been used to edit the input field on a color picker.
  • The player’s hair now renders correctly in the mirror and VR camera prop.


  • Identified some GPU bottlenecks with the terrain shader, and changed some handling there for significantly improved performance, as well as reducing some visible tiling on distant terrain and steep cliffs.
  • Emission intensity handling for the character shader (used for built-in characters’ main body materials) has been changed to a proper exponential range instead of linear. If you had previously made custom skins that used emission on the body or cock materials, you may need to adjust the intensity value.
  • Increased the jump height slightly so you can free yourself from the stalls in the stable if you end up inside one.
  • You are no longer forced to a walking speed when strafing or walking backwards, when using the jogging speed in first-person or VR.
  • Tweaked some daytime exposure settings to keep things from getting washed out.
  • Adjusted some settings for the waterfall so it’s not so bright at night.
  • Tweaked a few materials inside the stable to look a bit nicer.
  • The alarm clocks in the farmhouse bedrooms now display the current in-game time of day.
  • The wolf and fox characters now have belly- and throat-bulge support.
  • The female wolf is now the default species when creating a new save file, instead of the legacy female leopard.
  • Tweaked some of the built-in male wolf skins to look a bit nicer.
  • Changed some handling for paginated UI containers like the supporters list, to prevent the game from freezing when opening the Credits page. sufferingfromsuccess.jpg
  • Some errors and warnings generated manually by the game no longer have a full stacktrace in order to make them more readable for users.
  • Adjusted some file compression settings to reduce build size and RAM/VRAM usage slightly.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause penetrable clipping planes to not work in some situations, such as if belly riding was the first penetration activity of a play session, causing the partner’s cock to clip through the player’s belly.
  • Fixed alpha settings on some color fields for some of the built-in skins that had incorrectly been set to zero.
  • Fixed some audio events that were causing characters to moan/grunt too frequently during sex and interrupt their own vocalizations.
  • The floor of the loft in the stable now has collision.
  • Added some missing colliders to the guardrails on the south bridge.
  • Fixed the collider blocking the south road so it actually covers the full width of the valley.
  • Vegetation is now being properly masked in the grotto area so it no longer pokes through the floor of the cave.
  • Fixed some minor display issues with slider UI elements when the handle is at the very ends.
  • Emissive light effects on characters will no longer influence reflection probes.
  • Fixed some lighting flickering when changing scenes.
  • Fixed a bug where riding on the saddle would cause negative vertical speed to build up even when grounded, causing incorrect behaviour when falling.
  • Fixed some issues with fast-travelling while falling, such as when the player gets reset after falling out of the world.
  • Opening the menu while jumping or falling will no longer cause your character to freeze in midair.
  • Fixed errors that could occur if travelling between scenes while your partner was interacting with an object.
  • Improved handling for duplicate fdc files found on initial startup (for example, the same file placed in StreamingAssets and the persistent AppData directory) so the game will no longer hang and throw a confusing error message.
  • Fixed some incorrect fluid colliders on the cock tip for Drake and Gryphon.
  • Fixed a few UV errors on the fur of the wolf and fox models.


  • Fixed a bug where jumping with your head turned while in first-person would rotate your character in the direction your head was facing.
  • Fixed a bug where hotkey hints could have a “MISSING LOCALIZATION” message in some scenarios.
  • Fixed an edge-case error that could pop up when picking up items.


  • Fixed an issue where GPU usage would be severely throttled and kill the framerate if the game lost focus for more than a minute or so.
  • The “Re-Center” action now behaves correctly in poses that have the “Turn Around” action like sleeping or riding your partner’s cock, instead of causing your body to be rotated the wrong way.
  • The player’s feet are now animated properly when jumping or falling, if foot tracking is not active.
  • Fixed some incorrect leg animation when physically kneeling or lying down, with foot tracking active.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could fall out of the world when travelling to the calibration room.
  • Fixed a bug where the player’s cock was incorrectly grabbable when sheathed, if launching the game with a character that had a sheathed cock.
  • Fixed the cum and urine color pickers not displaying correctly when in VR mode.
  • Fixed an issue with some UI elements that could cause them to be unselectable in some scenarios.


  • Added some validation to custom patterns, to make sure that any referenced textures are in the Input Directory, so they don’t get excluded when building the character package.


  • The softbody heatmap handling is no longer part of the Materials and Textures module, but is now listed with the Softbody module, and each heatmap is associated with a skinned mesh renderer rather than being attached to a material.
  • The “Initialize Material Data” button in the Materials and Textures module will now create the material data items based on the names of the materials, rather than the names of the renderers they are attached to.



  • Added an interior scene for the Farmhouse. There are a few interactables scattered around for the existing positions, and this will be more fleshed out in the near future with some animations to make use of the new furniture. The exterior of the house was also updated with some new materials and props.


  • Tweaked some lighting/shadow handling for the Sun light for nicer results during the day, and some general ambient lighting adjustments.
  • Some changes to shader instancing in the terrain and a few other materials for a slight improvement in GPU performance.


  • Fixed some cases where occlusion culling was incorrectly happening on some visible objects if the camera was near a wall.
  • Fixed the error text in the Add Skin screen not rendering correctly.


  • Adjusted some handling for third-person camera collision to help prevent some edge-cases where it could clip through walls.
  • Fixed an error that could occur if any hotkeys were not bound to a valid key.
  • Fixed an issue where turning the first-person camera to the side would cause the view to be tilted, and then snap back to normal when the player started moving.
  • Reverted the appearance of toggle buttons for the head and hand actions to not use the rounded style since it didn’t look correct.


Made the grab trigger for the player’s backpack slightly smaller when it’s on your back, to make it less likely to be grabbed accidentally.


  • Grabbing your partner’s cock no longer causes it to become flaccid.
  • The smooth kneeling controls no longer have an effect if the right hand is currently aimed at a scrollable area, so it can be used to scroll correctly.

Developer Notes:


  • Engage in a variety of sex positions, giving or receiving.
  • Relax with some petting, mawplay, or cuddling in bed.
  • Customize body types, genitals, patterns and colors for yourself or your partner.
  • Supports synchronization with various bluetooth-enabled toys like strokers or buttplugs, for real haptic feedback to the action.
  • Full-body VR avatars, with tracking support for waist, feet, and fingers.
  • Physically simulated fluids.
  • Frequent updates! Become a supporter on Patreon or Subscribestar for access to the latest content as it’s developed, or follow along with the public builds – all content is released periodically in these free builds.

Game Images & Screenshots

DISCLAIMER: Hi it’s me game dev. I am not the original poster of this thread (only took ownership later), nor is this thread an endorsement of piracy for my own game because that would be silly. Bug reports are appreciated.


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