Desire of Fate [Ep.2 v2 Beta] By KKpotato


KKpotato Games released a new game called Desire of Fate and the version is Ep.2 v2 Beta. The game’s story is about A country that is plagued by unrest, broken, and recovering from a years-long civil war that claimed countless lives — and left you an orphan 21 years ago. Your life has been a humble one, growing up in the ass-end of nowhere and then living in the seediest slums of the big city as you try to carve out some semblance of a future for yourself. You don’t aspire to much — but fate, it seems, has bigger things in store for you. As the country’s rich and powerful attempt to restore order and instate a new supreme leader, your life begins to take new and unexpected turns, thrusting you into the middle of a deadly power struggle. Against all odds, a poor orphan from the slums just might emerge as the most powerful man in the nation.

Developer: KKpotato
File Size: 2.96 GB
Version: Ep.2 v2 Beta
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Ep.2 v1
550+ new static images. 31 new animations (custom). There are variations depending on modes and previous choices.

Ep.1 V2

  • 850+ new static images. 19 new animations (Mostly custom). There are variations depending on modes and previous choices.

Developer Notes:

Hello everyone. Firstly, I would like to apologize beforehand as English is not my first language. Therefore, if my English is bad or not to your liking, I am sorry. I have always wanted to create an adult visual novel as I am a fan of them. I am a newbie at this and “Desire of Fate” is my first visual novel using ”honey select (HS)”. If you like my work please support me as this keeps small-time developers like me keep going.
The VN takes place in an alternative universe. My work does not represent any people, family, nation, religion, culture, or anything from the real world.

About the game:
I have decided to try something risky. The game will contain many hardcore elements while focusing on story and character development. The game will have a lot of adult content. Some of them are considered controversial and some of them are hated. But they are also enjoyed by many. Here are some of my planned contents:

Game Images & Screenshots

*** Its a BETA Version, if you wish to play the complete version you need to wait a few days.***


Win/Linux (Ep.2 v1)

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